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About Us

We are a team of highly experienced designers , professionals  and craftsmen , who have got together to create designer handcrafted products at accessible prices. We desire to create designer handcrafted products, comparable to the best in the industry, at accessible pricing.

Iha pronounced eha is a sanskrit term for Desire. 

In our journey towards creating beautiful -wearable and usable art, we also desire to follow and continuously implement sustainable practises across. 'Today for Tomorrow' is our philosophy that defines our practises across our supply chain.  This includes fair trade with weavers and craftsmen, waste control across our supply chain and use of sustainable eco friendly materials with less carbon footprint. The fair trade is an ongoing practice which we are following and will continue to follow. In our garments, we do not use synthetic fabrics. We use only cotton, cotton silk, modal, bamboo, corn, khadi...natural, eco friendly fabrics. Even in our buttons we try to use buttons made of eco friendly materials and try to avoid plastic. In packaging, we avoid waste, however we still need to work on the sustainability aspect by eliminating plastic altogether. That is a work in progress.

Our designers enjoy working with the craftsmen to create the products featured here. Our desire is to make it as accessible as possible to connoisseurs of design and craft. 

We hope you enjoy seeing and using our creations.

We would love to hear your thoughts , suggestions and feedback . You can whatsapp us at 9311543344 or mail us at